Monday, March 01, 2010

Funny enough, there was a New Moon calendar on the wall behind him.

I was getting labs done today and as I sat in the oversized seat, the guy drawing my blood asked where I was from. "Spanish Fork, but previously from Kansas."
"What? Why'd you move here?" he asked. What a question.
"Pfft, because it's Kansas!" I said and he just began laughing.
"That's the best answer I've ever heard." Obviously, he's been there.


  1. Hey, now, no call to be dissing on Kansas!
    Well, alright, maybe compared to Utah, but it has New Jersey beat hands down!

    Though that isn't saying very much is it?

  2. Wait...I detect flirting. Was he cute?

  3. Heh, I do miss Kansas, Faren. It was just a funny. ;)

    And actually, he was married, Stina. Heh. I also can't tell where the line is between flirting and just goofing around.