Monday, October 19, 2009

Things that get under my skin

1. People who live in Utah that complain about all those dang Mormons around. That's like going to Canada and saying "Yeah, it's a nice place but there are these dang CANADIANS everywhere! What's up with that?" FUF, we moved here first, we have dibs. You don't like it, GIT OUT!

2. I am a RealWoman TM, so bridal shops were going to charge a small fortune for “special sizes.”
Last time I checked, there are no FakeWomen (TM). Women come in all shapes and sizes. Call them thin, call them fat (OH NOES NOT THE "F" WORD!) but please don't insinuate that a woman is more real than others based on size. Honestly, just DON'T.

3. My stomach giving me crap (oh yes, literally) and I have a party to go to. Seriously, I don't get out enough and then my stomach hits me with this.

Oh well, at least Monty Python And The Search For The Holy Grail is on.

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