Tuesday, September 08, 2009

School days, fool days

For many, school has already started. For others, it starts today. I remember elementary school, somewhat. I remember it being a day of excitement, of dread, of anticipation. I always liked the blank pages of notebooks, the fresh pencils, the new seating arrangements, the feeling of the world on the brink of autumn. There were lunchboxes and new shoes. Hair done just so, school buses and Curtis and Joel. Good times.

I'm thinking that once I finish with my Associates RN, I would like to sign up to get my Bachelors, which would open up an entire range of options for me. Also the idea of going back to REAL school, not this online crap which I will never ever do again. Up yours, Excelsior.

So, everyone please enjoy school because a career isn't always what one dreams it would be and it's a time you can never get back.

P.S. I finished the Salto Socks and the gauntlets. Pictures and details coming once they are dry enough for me to photograph.

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